Advanced manufacturing processes

The efficiency and sustainability of both the manufacturing of actual and future products is still very much determined by the processes that shape and assemble the components of these products. Innovative products and advanced materials (including nano-materials) are emerging but are not yet developing to their full advantage since robust manufacturing methods to deliver these products and materials are not developed for large scale. Research is needed to ensure that novel manufacturing processes can efficiently exploit the potential of novel products for a wide range of applications.

Also referred to as 3D printing.

Flexible Sheet-to-Sheet (S2S) and Roll-to-Roll (R2R), building in plastics electronics, large volume patterning at nanoscale (photolithography) and new materials and greater use of space on CMOS.

Integration of non-conventional technologies (e.g. laser, ultrasonic) towards the development of new multifunctional manufacturing processes (including in process concept: inspection, thermal treatment, stress relieving, machining, joining

Methods for handling of parts, metrology and inspection require development also to ensure ability to manufacture at scale (volume) with high reliability.
Shaping technology such as forming and machining, to address challenges related to “difficult to shape” materials and to explore new processing methods to achieve nano-sized microstructure components.