Interesting shortcuts

The Demonstrators and Use Cases Catalogue (Project perspective)

 is a dynamically evolving collection of inspiring use cases and demonstrators.  This shortcut provides an overview starting from the projects' search page, hence grouping the demonstrators per project.

Publications via 'Results, Demos, etc...' search

The EFFRA Innovation portal includes also the project’s  publications that are made available via Cordis and herewith provides you with some additional search options.

Publications via Projects search

If you prefer an insight in publications grouped by project, you can also activite the publication filter on the projects page.

EFFRA Innovation Portal tutorial videos

Promote your projects, results and demonstrators on the EFFRA Innovation Portal.  Here you can find some guidance. More information on

Projects and Standards

In this search on projects level, the filter has been set on 'Standards according to SDOs' (see 'additional filters') and the information is shown in the project cards.