Enabling advanced functionalities of Diamond and other ultra-hard materials by Integrated Pulsed Laser Ablation Technologies

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Reducing emissions in manufacturing processes
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DIPLAT laser processes create near-zero emmissions. Process emissions can be effectively filtered

Towards circular economy
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The laser processes developed in DIPLAT are highly energy efficient compared to conventional diamond processing technologies. Furthermore, they require no consumables such as processing fluids, electrodes, grinding tools, ... The tools produced in DIPLAT facilitate "dry" cutting processes and replace grinding processes. As the supply of cooling lubricants consumes a high percenatge of the energy in these conventional processes, this raises the resource efficieny of all products manufactured by these tools.

  • Material efficiency
    DIPLAT tools are consist of the newest polycrystalline diamond and cubic boron nitride composites. The laser processed developed within DIPLAT allow the efficient application of these difficult to machine materials. DIPLAT tools are designed for the efficient processing of CFRP and other composite materials in the aerospace industry.
  • Waste minimisation
  • Co-evolution of products-processes-production systems
    The close ccoperation of RTD-performers, technology holders and end-users in the DIPLAT project leads to a simulateneous development of manufacturing processes, manfacturing devices and products, leading to frequent adaptions of all three elements to benefit the efficiency of the collective solution.
  • Innovative re-use of equipment