Development of an innovative manufacturing process for the in-LINE COAting of pultruded composites


COALINE will develop a in-line clean one-stage process, which is free of VOCs and small particles emissions, able to produce properly coated composite pultruded profiles by means of the development of the sensing technology, advanced mould design and microwave aided curing needed to foster an improved composite – coating adhesion with a reduced labour and process cost. COALINE profiles will be joined to other materials by means of a primer type coating, incorporated also in-line, with bonding on-demand properties. Composites obtained by means of the COALINE technology will be protected with the selected coating, with a minor cost to the non-coated profiles in a fast, automated and smart manufacturing process, fostering the implementation of lightweight materials in applications such as aeronautics, automotive, marine, building, etc. The coating of the profile will provide specific properties to the composites, such as corrosion resistance in aggressive environments, fire resistance for buildings or improved surface properties (brightness, aspect or colour). COALINE technology will produce coated pultruded composite profiles made out of glass or carbon fibres and polyester, vinylester or epoxy resins. The coating COALINE aims to address the production of valuable coated pultruded profiles by means of the following innovations: • A microwave heating system that will reduce the polymerization time and the energy employed to produce the composites. • New range of modified resins and gel-coats with MW susceptors to improve radiation absorption and achieve a fast curing process. • An innovative control system to foster the adhesion of the coating to the composite by means of a controlled curing degree in each stage of the process. • The development of innovative fast curing primers to permit the employment of de-bonding on demand adhesives to foster the adhesion between the composite and other metallic part, the recycling and maintenance of the pultruded structures.

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Start date: 01-09-2013
End date: 28-02-2017
Total budget - Public funding: 5 064 844,00 Euro - 3 549 577,00 Euro
Call topic: Manufacturing processes for products made of composites or engineered metallic materials (FoF.NMP.2013-10)
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