Development of a Strategic Research and Innovation Roadmap for Future Architectures and Services for Manufacturing in Europe and Derivation of Business Opportunities

In the global economy, European manufacturers face increased competitive pressure and continuous innovation is required to remain competitive. ICT offer a seemingly boundless source of innovation, promising to deliver precisely the capabilities European manufacturing businesses require to remain competitive and to furthermore enable them to run their business in a sustainable way. However, the potential of ICT in manufacturing is far from being fully exploited. Towards making ICT an enabler for innovation in manufacturing, employing suitable IT architectures and services is of fundamental importance. In manufacturing, however, these are in many cases not in place because a) decision makers are not aware of the most suitable architectures and services, b) decision makers may be sceptical towards novel paradigms, c) novel paradigms may not be tailored to meet the demanding manufacturing requirements or d) promising paradigms may indeed not have been discovered for manufacturing. The Road2FAME project has been conceived to respond to this situation by developing a holistic research and innovation roadmap for architectures and services, aligned with the concrete needs and requirements of manufacturing. In the roadmapping process, promising paradigms and concepts shall be evaluated with respect to their applicability and utility as architectures and services in manufacturing. The roadmap will serve to guide the R&D of architectures and services to match precisely the requirements of European manufacturing businesses. Furthermore, the Road2FAME project will yield strategy recommendations and outline business opportunities tailored to decision makers of European manufacturing businesses enabling them to harness the potential of ICT through the right architectures and services. Lastly, the Road2FAME project will contribute to building a constituency united by the commonly faced challenges and their common quest for the right architectures and services to address these.
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Start date: 01-06-2013
End date: 31-10-2015
Total budget - Public funding: 1 216 272,00 Euro - 859 968,00 Euro
Call topic: Application experiments for robotics and simulation (I4MS) (FoF.ICT.2013.7.1)
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