Zero-defect manufacturing strategies towards on-line production management for European factories

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Platform level interoperability

The whole platform of the Z-Fact0r solution was able to work with other external applications, through a message brocker which is able to receive and send data to external systems. The interoperability level between the Z-Fact0r platform and external applications is essential for communication and integration purposes. Security and safety issues arise when different platforms cooperate. The Z-Fact0r platform implemented an AAA mechanism (Access, Autorisation and Authentication) to secure the safety of the platform during the connection with other external applications.

AAA - Access, Authorisation and Authentication

Access was given to the Z-Fact0r platform to only authorised users. The platform installation was done either on the shop floor premises or servers deployed by the technical providing partners creating a limited access environment. There was also the authorisation between the components and external appl, where the each component was authorised in an authorisation server with their unique Bearer Token in order to subscribe in the message brocker and publish or receive the available data. Further steps, such as user authentication, were not included in the project scope.