Met4FoF | Metrology for the Factory of the Future


The “Factory of the Future” (FoF) as an inter-connected production environment with an autonomous flow of information and decision-making constitutes the digital transformation of manufacturing to improve efficiency and competitiveness. Transparency, comparability and sustainable quality all require reliable measured data, processing methods and results. This project aims to establish a metrological framework for the complete lifecycle of measured data in industrial applications: from calibration capabilities for individual sensors with digital pre-processed output to uncertainty quantification associated with machine learning (ML) in industrial sensor networks. Implementation in realistic testbeds will demonstrate the practical applicability and provide templates for future up-take by industry.

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Start date: 01-06-2018
End date: 31-05-2021
Total budget - Public funding: 1 868 494,00 Euro - 1 799 744,00 Euro
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