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Control technologies

General desciption of Control technologies:


Control technologies will be further exploiting the increasing computational power and intelligence in order to come forward to the demands of increased speed and precision in manufacturing. Advanced control strategies will allow the use of lighter actuators and structural elements for obtaining very rigid and accurate solutions, replacing slower and more energy-intensive approaches. Learning controllers adapt the behaviour of systems to changing environments or system degradation, taking into account constraints and considering alternatives, hereby relying on robust industrial real-time communication technologies, system modelling approaches and distributed intelligence architectures.


Associated Results

Nikon Adaptive Robotic Control (ARC)  – this technology allows data from metrology systems to correct a robot controller’s coordinate system and compensate for inaccuracies and variability.

Siemens TIA Portal, WinCC, PLCs – The lower level control of resources in the system was performed with Siemens brand programmable logic controllers