On-the-cloud environment implementing agile management methods for enabling the set-up, monitoring and follow-up of business innovation processes in industrial SMEs.

The ‘ExtremeFactories’ project proposes the conception of a collaborative internet-based platform with semantic capabilities (by means of ontology modelling) that implements a new methodology for the adoption of a systematic innovation process in globally acting networked SMEs. The platform will support SMEs to manage and implement the complex innovation processes that arise in a networked environment, taking into account their internal and external links, by enabling an open multi-agent focused innovation (i.e. a customer/provider/supplier/employee focused innovation). The solution will be specifically focused on the needs of manufacturing companies and will observe both product and process innovation. The construction of the ‘ExtremeFactories’ methodology will be based on individual practices found in traditional innovation management methods, such as TRIZ, combined with a selected group of practices obtained from different Agile Methodologies, such as ‘Extreme Programming’, SCRUM and others (the project gets its name from the Extreme Programming methodology). The platform will be built upon a service-oriented architecture, implementing semantic functionalities. This platform will provide SMEs with services to support them in any step of the innovation life-cycle: problem detection, inception of ideas, and prioritisation of ideas, implementation and follow-up. The project has a strong industrial basis, with project participants acting as a virtual network made evident by the way that they handle their relationships with third parties, such as customers, suppliers, distributors, etc. The resulting methodology and platform of this project will be validated and assessed in predefined business scenarios at these organizations. The project proposes a solid dissemination plan, offering a community management activity in order to get a wider target, as well as a first version of an exploitation plan to be further detailed.
More information
Website: www.extremefactories.eu
Duration: 30 months
Start date: 01-09-2011
End date: 28-02-2014
Number of participants: 11
Total budget - EC contribution: 3189117 Euro - 2448343 Euro
Call topic: Virtual Factories and enterprises (FoF.ICT.2011.7.3)
Instrument: Small or medium-scale focused research project INFSO (STREP)

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