Hierarchical and Adaptive smaRt COmponents for precision production systems application


HARCO will help to produce stiff, light and well damped structures with fully and deeply integrated new adaptronic devices based on electromechanical and electronic devices, measuring systems, sensors and actuators. Obtaining more intelligent and cost-effective solutions is essential for meeting performance targets in machines, and will bring enormous benefits in the design and development of machine tools. Subsequently, the basic idea is to design and develop “fractal” and “hierarchical” elements (not only mechanical hardware but also controllers and software) which can easily be assembled (plugged in) to produce higher level modules and components for active vibration control, thermal compensation and adaptive fixturing in precision machine tool applications.

The results will be illustrated through several working demonstrators, such as:

  • A serial robot with an active wrist which aims to boost the robot’s stiffness to allow it to perform serial robot machining tasks.
  • A milling machine equipped with an adaptive table and adaptive spindle which integrates one or more adaptronic active vibration control interface modules. The arrangement is completely modular and scalable to the one related to the spindle.
  • PKM Robots based on smart adaptive components (active struts and compact adaptronic joints) in order to drive the mobile platforms, offering a promising alternative for delivering high damping and stiffness, as well as lower weight. The active fibres can be actuated to damp overshoot and oscillation and reduce the robot’s settling time.
More information
Web resources: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/94813/factsheet/en
Start date: 01-07-2010
End date: 30-06-2013
Total budget - Public funding: 5 406 108,00 Euro - 3 899 996,00 Euro
Call topic: Plug-and-Produce components for adaptive control (FoF.NMP.2010.1)