Customised Wearable Functionality and Eco-Materials – Extending the limits of Apparel Mass customisation

The challenges related to the production of new customisation features will be researched within a framework based on two distinct business and supply chain models. On the one hand Micro-Dress will introduce mechanisms to expand the existing mass customisation model of a major international brand, while on the other, to extend an innovative mass-customisation model known as ‘micro-factories’ which targets innovative SMEs. The scientific and technological objectives of the Micro-Dress project are: • To develop rapid manufacturing techniques to be able to directly write onto the fabric and produce microelectronics components directly woven into the articles themselves. • To derive eco-efficiency and eco-logistics-related algorithms and web-tools, allowing user- configurable eco-certification based on information relating to materials and processes along the supply chain (yarn to garment). • To develop a new biosensor-based screening test able to revolutionise the process of screening certain garment components created to address specific issues relating to consumer health (fabrics, accessories, etc). • To develop an e-supply chain management platform to model the sourcing of e-devices and the concept of configurable eco-certification along the two supply chains (vertical brand chain and the supply network of micro-factories). To support the Micro-Dress vision for the two selected business models, an e-supply chain management platform will be built on the principle of Software-as-a-Service in order to maximise its usability. The results will be demonstrated via two pilot schemes, one focusing on user-configurable eco-certification, the second on the customisable attachment of e-devices. The project brings together a multidisciplinary consortium of nine partners, of which five are SMEs, two are prominent European institutes and two are leading textile and clothing groups.
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Start date: 01-09-2010
End date: 31-08-2013
Total budget - Public funding: 4 011 483,00 Euro - 2 875 549,00 Euro
Call topic: Supply chain approaches for small series industrial production (FoF.NMP.2010.2)