Industrial scalability studies

Studies for a smooth industrial scalability of the Optician 2020 outcomes covering geographical deployment, environmental impact assessment and regulation aspects. Specific results are: - A production transfer guide which defines industrial supplier profiles of different supply chains defined according to several market scenarios, establishing clear criteria and requirements regarding the equipment parameters and parts quality to be accomplished by new production sites. - An environmental assessment tool integrated into the ICT platform that allow to evaluate the impact of each individual spectacle. Based on resulting data, an environmental study have been created after the demonstration stage showing that the production of spectacles based on advance manufacturing processes represents a decrease of the environmental footprint in a range from 50-62% in the best cases depending on the model and material used, fulfilling one of the expected impacts of the project. - The complete set of European and International standards and regulations that apply to personalised spectacles have been identified and analysed. Tests have been performed to validate Optician2020 compliance with regulations. Actions to be carried out by the manufacturer in order to comply with the regulations have also been indicated.
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Flexible and on-demand manufacturing of customised spectacles by close-to-optician production clusters
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