Fleet Management Platform for Machine Tools

Fleet Management Platform for Machine Tools

A cloud based fleet-wide platform for machine tool condition, performance analysis and proactive maintenance has been developed.

The KASEM® platform, provides an easy-to-use interface, allowing creation of algorithms and visualization of the evolution of indicators or the generated reports.

The solution provides:

  • More than 60 KPIs for the health status of machine-tool and its sub-systems: axis, spindle, magazine, hydraulic group, clamping systems, cooling systems, …
  • An accurate and dynamic diagnostic tool thanks to a root-cause analysis and modelling of physics
  • Additional indicators obtained by the implementation of the Quick Machine Tool Characterization tests developed in Twin-Control
  • Integration of Remaining Useful Life (RUL) calculation of critical components based on real usage conditions.  

Expected impact: Reduction of 30 % in corrective maintenance costs •Increase in machine up-time (2-4 %)

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Address: Cleon (France)
Demonstration level: Level 7 - System prototype demonstrated in an operational environment
Comment: KASEM platform is integrated in two industrial use cases. For the automotive use case, RENAULT, with a repetitive process, relevant results are being achieved.

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