D6.5 Connectors for Inter-factory Interoperability and Logistics I


This deliverable presents the first results on the Connectors for Inter-Factory Interoperability and Logistics. It aims to describe and analyse the COMPOSITION marketplace's first version.
COMPOSITION has two main goals:
1. The integration of data along the value chain from the inside of a factory into one integrated information management system (IIMS).
2. The creation of a (semi-)automatic ecosystem that extends the local IIMS concept to a holistic and collaborative system incorporating and interlinking both the supply and the value chains.
The purpose of this deliverable is to further describe the development process related to the generation of the (semi-)automatic ecosystem.
Particularly, the analysis will focus on:
 The design of the different connectors between the various marketplace components: (Marketplace Agents, Stakeholder Agents, Matchmaker Agent, Security framework)
 The implementation of the connectors described above.
 A short description of every component.

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Web resources: http://www.composition-project.eu/about-composition/deliverables/
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Ecosystem for Collaborative Manufacturing Processes _ Intra- and Interfactory Integration and Automation
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