Zero Defect Manufacturing Methodology- ZDM2

Zero Defect Manufacturing Methodology- ZDM2
Main impact in the project: - Reduce the defective parts of different production systems. - Compile the tools developed within MuProD project. - Improve the productivity of small and big scale, macro and micro products, and different manufacturing processes. - Identify necessary HW&SW solutions for each process Progress Status: - Identification of the methodology - Data sheet for a Generic Application Domain - Validated in: AD1 (R. BOSCH), AD2 (GAMESA), AD3 (ENKI) Next Steps: - Definition of the methodology - Report as a guideline to be used in new processes in the industry including the summary of results of MuProd and the combination of them in the three Application Domains Partners Involved: - Polimi - Ustutt
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Zero Defect Manufacturing Methodology- ZDM2
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