Decentralised Manufacturing Platform

Decentralised Manufacturing Platform
Innovation content of the result Web-based platform for supporting the decision making procedure for the production of individualised products in a fast, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way Decentralised Manufacturing Platform can identify the most efficient solution for production and assembly for the accessory selected by the customer Potential customers Automotive, Robotics, Clothing, Shoe Industries etc Technological readiness by the end of the project The implementation done is able to show the potential functionality in terms of evaluation of the "cost" (in the wide meaning) of the different production network characteristics Competitive advantage • Multi-criteria evaluation of manufacturing and supply schemes. Selection of efficient production network configurations taking into consideration cost, time and environmental impact among others • Domain independent SW architecture, capable of supporting a variety of different products • Automatic method which allowed the OEM to select the best productive and assembly solution considering different parameters like cost, environmental impact…
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Decentralised Manufacturing Platform
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