Environmental Assessment Module (EAM)

Environmental Assessment Module (EAM)
Innovation content of the result Easy-to-use application for the environmental impact analysis of materials and processes beforehand. It provides an interface to be easily used for simple calculations. Potential customers There are two identified potential customers: Internal (TECNALIA) – ICT support for LCA. Deployment of Web Services to be used for more complex analysis External (Universities, others) - Any requiring a basic quantitative analysis for very basic calculations. Preliminary, in a free basis. But legal analysis with regards the use of SIMAPRO licence in a public service, to be confirmed Technological readiness by the end of the project Ready by the end of the project for CML2000 methodology. To be analysed the convenience of additional methodologies to be implemented. Competitive advantage Innovative seamlessly connectivity with a 3rd party tool (SIMAPRO), designed for specialist. Provides a preliminary result on Environmental Impact. Services can be extended in order to have a complete LCA
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Environmental Assessment Module (EAM)
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