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Goizper Group – Capital Goods Scenario - Human-Robot collaboration (HRC) for operator's assistance on intermittent indexing units' assembly


Goizper Group is a cooperative located in the Basque Country offering differential and global solutions in power transmission and spraying components. Goizper Group contributed to the Sharework project though its industrial business, one of the leading technology providers in power transmission and automation solutions for various sectors, including the metal forming, automotive, aeronautics, packaging, construction industry. In Sharework project, Goizper Industrial validated a new design of their workplace to introduce collaborative robots in their servo rotary table assembly area.

In the Goizper scenario, human-robot collaboration was implemented in three specific tasks in the servo rotary table assembly process in order to assist the operator and improve product quality.

The introduction of collaborative robots in Goizper Industrials’ assembly area provided an example on how cobots can assist operators in handling heavy parts and quality check and understand operator’s intentions through an advance gesture recognition system.

  • Bolt tightening and torque measuring: Application of adhesive on the bolts, which are inserted and screwed. In Sharework scenario the operator applies adhesive on the bolds, while the robot determines their position and dimension and apply the same amount of torque to each bolt.
  • Rotation of the pod shaft for quality inspection: Rotation of the input shaft while observing the motion of the followers through two circular openings. In Sharework use-case, the robot supports the operator to rotate the shaft adjusting the force applied to rotate it.
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