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CEMBRE – Metal Industrial Scenario - Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) at the load/unload stations of logistic manufacturing systems


Cembre Group is an international company with an extensive know-how in the field of electrical connectors, strong R&D activity and continuous innovation in manufacturing technologies and product specification. Cembre is the leading Italian manufacturer and one of the largest European manufacturers and distributors of electrical compression connectors and related installation tooling. The company’s plant in Brescia, Italy, with its industrial experience in the field of flexible manufacturing systems, acted as one of the four industrial scenarios where Sharework system was applied. In Cembre’s use case, collaborative robots were used to assist workers in assembly, disassembly and checking parts.

CREATION OF A COLLABORATIVE ROBOTICS’ LOGISTICS STATION: Workers assistance in assembly, disassembly and checking parts: The Sharework project implemented Cembre’s vision of a new manufacturing shop floor by introducing collaborative robotics technologies to improve working conditions and increase productivity.

The main changes to be implemented in Sharework project were to create a logistics station where collaborative robots and humans work together to check the pieces and load and unload them on metallic plates.

Sharework provided a flexible transportation system connecting the assembly stations with the different machines and integrated robots into the workshop for assisting operators when moving across the station, understanding operators’ behavior and anticipating tasks. Robots supported operators in repetitive assembly tasks, improving their ergonomics.

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