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ALSTOM – Railway Industrial Scenario - Human-Robot Collaboration to improve trains’ manufacturing processes


ALSTOM is a multinational mobility and transport solutions company supplying rolling stock, services, signaling and system infrastructure. Present in around 100 countries is nowadays the world leader in high-speed transport. The main aim for ALSTOM to participate in the European project Sharework was to validate the feasibility of using cobots in their industrial environment, focusing on the rolling stock’s assembly line in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (Spain).

Improvement of the working conditions and security of the tramway’s door and window sub-assembly processes:

In the ALSTOM scenario, a collaborative robotics solution was applied during the riveting task of tramways’ metallic door and window frames, as well as the other tasks to support the operator to prepare the piece for riveting and do a quality check.

The cobot, mounted on an AGV, performed heavy and repetitive tasks, such as riveting and silicon appliance. The cobot assists the worker during the frame assembly process. The worker supervises the overall task, being able to comunicate with the robot to check the process and in charge of positioning the frame and the rivets.

The introduction of a robotic co-worker in ALSTOM subassembly area has increased human welfare, while guaranteeing the suitable mounting order and quality of the piece.

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