CALPAK – Assembly Of Solar Thermal Collectors


CALPAK is one of the major players in the market of solar panels and especially domestic water heating using solar thermal collectors. Constantly aiming to develop and progress. CALPAK aims to promote renewable sources of energy in Greece through innovation, recycling and know-how in the area of renewable energy.

SHERLOCK promotes the use of a High Payload Collaborative Manipulator to handle, rotate, and move the heavy solar thermal collectors and present them to the operators in the most convenient way to perform the various assembly processes.

The high payload robot handles the heavy payload while the operator focuses on lightweight assembly operations. Empowered with AI, onboard sensing systems monitor the actions of the operator, ensuring the proper assembly by checking the sequence of the diverse operations.

Furthermore, the operator is assisted by AR visualisations indicating the next instructions in the assembly process.

SHERLOCK solutions safeguard also the operators, predicting safety-related aspects.

Finally, SHERLOCK solutions memorise operators’ preferences ensuring a seamless interaction between robotic and human resources while reducing musculoskeletal injuries risks.

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