FIDIA – Exoskeleton Assisted Machine Production


FIDIA is a world-leading Machine Tool manufacturer focused on customised and small-scale production of high precision and high-speed machines for metal cutting. The company is well established and offers a range of services in automotive, aerospace and energy niche markets.

SHERLOCK project aims at introducing soft robotic systems in the operator’s workplace. Thus, smart exoskeletons support the operator carrying and handle heavy parts, in a non-intrusive way, when in uncomfortable or dangerous positions.

Wearable sensors monitor and track human movements. Thus, the exoskeletons are actively reconfigured depending on the task progress and help operators maintain ergonomic postures preventing ergonomic related injuries.

AR visualizations provide instructions and drawings in real-time to help the operators to swiftly adopt to new processes, while VR based training helps untrained workers to familiarise with the various manufacturing processes involved.

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