Achieving zero defect manufacturing through state of the art inspection methods and artificial intelligence - VDLWEW


The use of digital solutions as well as non-destructive inspection methods for reducing defects are envisioned within the existing production process. The use of an x-ray scanner, various laser triangulation measurements, thermographic imaging, vision camera inspection and 3D scanning are part of the project. The creation of a digital twin model is targeted for modelling the key steps that may determine or impact the key defects of the trailing arm production process. A number of sensors is to be included in several steps which along with machine parameters and existing in-line measurements will deliver the digital input to the digital twin model. The digital twin model will include one or more intelligent mechanisms to analyze the incoming data and determining the ideal configuration of machine parameters for ensuring the proper quality of the resulting products. Thus, the introduction of several inspection systems in combination with the envisioned digital twin model will enable the dynamic control of the process parameters of several machines based on the inspection data.

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