self-X Artificial Intelligence for Asphalt Use Case

self-X Artificial Intelligence for Asphalt Use Case

EIFFAGE asphalt use case, based in the La Atalaya asphalt mix production plant, focuses on circularity of the value chain (from quarry to road) with respect of the quality control of feedstock (aggregates, bitumen, recycled asphalt, ...) the overall sustainable performance of the process (including asphalt paving) and the quality of final product (asphalt mix). Application of toolset to Asphalt: AI application for integrating value chain information from quality laboratories, production and paving logistics and improve overall sustainable performance of the process by including human feedback for asphalt mix design adaptation, maintenance actions and quality monitoring.

The objective is to create self-X AI applications for the whole value chain to gather and infer information from all steps of Asphalt manufacturing with data from: (1) Production, (2) Laboratory, (3) Paving and logistics (asphalt transport to the job site) and (4) Raw materials (aggregates, bitumen, Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement or RAP and additives). To improve the efficiency of the whole value chain, AI apps will be used in predictive diagnosis of equipment efficiency to infer energy savings in production plant and maintenance optimization.

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