self-X Artificial Intelligence for Aluminium Use Case

self-X Artificial Intelligence for Aluminium Use Case

The s-X-AIPI aluminium use case is based in Zaragoza (Spain) in the IDALSA aluminium recycling plant. The use case focuses on the circularity and sustainability of the process following a human-centric approach with the development of an Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) to support workers in their daily operational decisions. The optimization of the use of resources during the selection of the aluminium recipes will be at the core of the IDSS with the aim of optimizing the overall process, reducing waste, and reducing polluting emissions.

The AI-based toolkit envisages the integration of information from different levels of the value chain, including inbound and outbound logistics, manufacturing operations, and quality control, as well as direct human feedback, to feed the IDSS that will support operators in the selection of the aluminium recipe. In order to enhance transparency, an aluminium product passport will be developed to provide standardized information of the value chain, unlocking circularity for all stakeholders involved.

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