Automotive sector: Kitting, assembly and part delivery in the automotive sector


In TOFAS, two case studies are being investigated: 

Regarding the kitting and assembly process, currently TOFAS operates with 120 kitting areas where skilled workers prepare kits of products and assemble them. 

At the assembly workstations, the kits consist of products with varying geometries, materials, and dimensions. The workers manually proceed to assemble the parts, primarily utilizing insertion and screwing techniques. 

Regarding the part delivery operations, TOFAS handles the preparation of spare part deliveries for their dealers. Operators receive a list of parts that need to be retrieved from the warehouse to fulfill multiple orders for different dealers, pick the required elements and places them inside a large box. Then, in the preparation area, other operators are in charge of sorting those products by picking them up, identifying them and placing them in the corresponding box. 

With HARTU’s technologies, kitting, assembly and part delivery processes could improve in productivity, reduce errors, and meet the high standards expected by the automotive industry.

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