Food sector: Packaging operations in food sector


The pilot will be organized in Italy in the context of fresh vegetables packing process

Currently, all the products arrive directly to the processing area from the field in different size boxes and bins where it has just been harvested. The aim of the process is to sort the product coming from the fields (for dimension, quality, defects) and box it homogenously to meet market needs. The selection and manipulation of product is done by people operating on an industrial line (different for type of product). 

This is a repetitive work where the products are handled and transferred piece by piece from the line into the packing boxes. This is costly and can lead to unhealthy working conditions and, above all, possible hygienic problems. 

HARTU’s technologies will have to be able to recognise the different types of vegetables, understand whether they meet quality standards in terms of size and shape, and pick and place them without damaging them. Studies on coexistence with humans will be included.

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