Logistic sector: Order preparation in logistics


ULMA is a technology provider of logistics solutions. In logistics, the manipulation of individual items for order preparation is still a challenge, and it is addressed by manual operations due to multiple reasons. 

One of the primary reasons is the vast number of different references that need to be handled, making it infeasible to program each individual part. Additionally, the absence of ‘universal’ grasping tools capable of handling such a wide range of products further complicates the automation of this process. 

Another factor is the relatively small number of items per order, making it less efficient to invest in complex automation solutions. Moreover, the variability in product characteristics, including sizes, geometries, materials, and flexibility, poses additional challenges for automation. 

Despite these obstacles, the demand for high efficiency in logistics operations remains significant. Therefore, ULMA strives to find innovative solutions such as HARTU to address these challenges and optimize the order preparation process. 

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