Goimek Use Case


The challenge

All operations are performed in several working centres. The process steps are flexible but need to be fixed according to the daily production needs. Based on data from the ERP system a master production plan is generated, which is manually turned into a final production plan. Combined with a lack of flexibility these manual tasks cause inefficiencies reducing competitiveness as well as low predictability of production.

The vision of the future process

The production planner utilises real-time data from various sources to optimise the scheduling at the plant level proposing reconfiguration strategies and alternate schedules if deadlines are at risk. In addition, the predictive maintenance module will identify anomalies that could lead to failure. Since this will also impact production planning, actions will be suggested to enable a fast reconfiguration of the production to avoid unexpected problems. Moreover, secure data exchange based on Gaia-X/IDS connectors will be deployed to facilitate the communication between client and provider, using digital twins and the Asset Administration Shell (AAS).

Involved project partners

  • GOIMEK S. Coop (Spain)
  • Soraluce S. Coop (Spain)
  • Savvy Data Systems (Spain)
  • Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa (Spain)
  • Ideko S.Coop (Spain)
More information & hyperlinks
Web resources: https://www.flex4res.eu/pilots/goimek/ - Goimek use case description
Country: ES
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