Report on identified standardization needs / gap analysis

The objective of this task is to push forward standardization activities with regard to project contents, where this is considered as beneficial for further application of the implemented solutions in industry.
To do so, potential standardization needs will be derived from an analysis which maps generalized use cases (from the 4 applications of the project and previous projects from which technologies are contributed) and available technologies, i.e. existing standards and developments which are also to be analyzed in this context. In order to fill the gaps identified, the respective concepts will be identified and extracted, i.e. harmonized and commonly described, from the research results which are already available.
Based on this gap analysis and these concepts, appropriate standardization consortia (focus will be on international activities like IEC and ISO) and other feasible committees and organizations (e.g. for IEEE and OPC-Foundation guidelines, like the IEEE IES Technical Committee on Industrial Agents) for bringing in the respective results will be identified, and the introduction and representation of the concepts in the selected committees will be prepared and executed.

Standards, standardisation, certification and regulation - (1)


Production harmonizEd Reconfiguration of Flexible Robots  and Machinery
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