The PERFoRM migration strategy for a generic migration scenario and for additional show cases within the testbeds in WP 6. 1st Release

This task aims to develop a structured migration strategy to transform any given (traditional) production system to the new one that is able to respond promptly to the requirements imposed by the new paradigms. It needs to be realized, that system evolution cannot take place in a single step. Migrating as a whole (and in once) would lead to an enormous waste and risk, which will only be acceptable (manageable) in few, very special cases. Additionally, in a realistic way, the introduction of new smart systems and devices will coexist with existing configuration imposing that the migration strategy also copes with the integration phases, realizing their impact on the migration strategy. Instead, a migration path needs to be identified, which will migrate sections of a given production safely and smoothly, not affecting the system performance (e.g. with degradation of the local and overall operational parameters or reduction of available functions).
A generic migration strategy will be described targeting towards PERFoRM technologies and functions. The migration plan will describe the chronological and logical order of activities, and may consist of:
? Analyzing current systems including state of documentation and tools.
? Identifying area/areas and deciding on new PERFoRM system.
? Install and integrate with old systems in the first area.
? Replace old systems stepwise.
? Optimize control, communicational, data links, and how legacy systems behave when they are connected and interoperating with the PERFoRM-compliant systems/sub-systems.
In a second step, this generic migration plan will be refined according to the particularities of the PERFoRM use cases and legacy environment, being also identified the issues to be tested.
Production harmonizEd Reconfiguration of Flexible Robots  and Machinery
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