The Manufacturing Partnership Day

The Manufacturing Partnership Day

Daniel Gómez Martín, the s-X-AIPI Project Coordinator, and Anibal Reñones Dominguez, both from CARTIF, and Lida Theodorou from CORE Innovation Centre participated in this highly-anticipated gathering representing s-X-AIPI. D.G. Martín discussed the project’s vision and mission through his presentation titled “Artificial Intelligence toolset for European Process Industry with self-X abilities and MAPE-K methodology”.

After presentation, the s-X-AIPI experts welcomed attendees at the exhibition area, held meaningful conversations on how s-X-AIPI will accelerate the digital transformation of the European process industry and contribute to its sustainability, and exchanged fresh ideas.

The event marked a significant turning point for s-X-AIPI, setting the stage for networking and dissemination of our proposed solutions.

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