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EFFRA - The manufacturing partnership day

EFFRA  - The manufacturing partnership day

The “Manufacturing Partnership Day” event, organized by EFFRA, took place on 26th of September 2023 in Brussels. It served as a focal point for 47 pioneering EU-funded projects, generously funded through the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe work programs. These projects spanned a diverse array of manufacturing-related topics, encapsulating the cutting-edge innovation that Europe is fostering.

Each of these projects played an integral role in the event, setting up informative booths that facilitated networking and knowledge exchange. Among the distinguished participants was the CONVERGING Project, which showcased its groundbreaking work. Attendees, numbering over 300, came from various backgrounds, including industry, academia, policy makers, and civil society. CONVERGING representatives had the chance to discuss with the audience about Project's concept, objectives, and the substantial technological challenges it seeks to address. Through engaging conversations, the project team engaged with attendees, sharing insights and ideas to further advance the field of manufacturing.

A highlight of the event was a 20-minute presentation dedicated to the CONVERGING Project, where we had the chance to present the project's ambitions, methodologies, and anticipated outcomes. The presentation session was concluded with a round-table discussion, featuring not only CONVERGING but also the FLUENTLY, COALA, and ASSISTANT Projects. This enabled discussions with the audience, allowing the dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences.

In essence, the Manufacturing Partnership Day event proved to be a resounding success. With a diverse audience spanning various sectors and backgrounds, it epitomized the spirit of innovation, cooperation, and knowledge-sharing that drives Europe's research and development efforts forward.

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