ESAIM 2023 symposium

ESAIM 2023 symposium

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is becoming mature and at the same time, researchers and manufacturers are discovering new applications in which AI can support manufacturing operations.  The real benefit from AI in manufacturing will not just be by automating tasks but by providing new levels of autonomy that will make possible entirely new applications and introduce new business processes in manufacturing. The scope of the ESAIM’23 symposium is around recent developments of AI in manufacturing so as to develop an understanding of key concepts and technologies, as well as understanding the benefits and barriers when applying such technologies in industrial practice. The symposium welcomes contributions focusing on theoretical, applied research, and industrial case studies. 

The ESAIM’23 symposium covers topics such as AI in manufacturing processes, robots, machines, and operations support in manufacturing, and AI in manufacturing systems. It also considers research work on cross-cutting aspects such as information systems, regulation, education, systems engineering, and data augmentation. 

More specifically the ESAIM’23 topics are: 

– AI for process monitoring, optimization, and control 

– AI for condition monitoring, diagnosis, and predictive maintenance 

– AI for quality assessment and prediction 

– AI for production planning, scheduling, and control of manufacturing systems and value chains 

– AI for flexible and precise robotics 

– AI for enhanced human-robot collaboration 

– AI for the design of manufacturing systems, equipment, processes, and products 

– Digital platforms, data spaces, and information technologies for AI applications in manufacturing systems 

– Digital Twin to optimize process, equipment, and plant operations. 

– Data augmentation and synthetic data for developing AI applications 

– Education and training for developing skills for AI in manufacturing. 

– Ethical and legal aspects of AI in manufacturing. 

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Country: DE
Address: Kaiserslautern