Final project report

The final project report will focus on the lessons learned from the project. Specifically it will address the experiences and lessons from the open call processes and the 29 DIH feasibility studies. This set of studies is the largest source of practical information on developing plans for the establishment of DIH so far. We will use it to provide a synthesis of findings on key aspects relevant for the successful establishment of future DIH. This is highly relevant as the EC goal is to establish a DIH in every region. The deliverable will address critical issues such as: ecosystem assessment, DH governance, use case development, access to finance and funding sources, relevant business models for DIH, etc. Note that the Innovation Actions will evaluate individual DIH project proposals, but will not draw lessons across the set of 29 studies. Deliverable 6.3 will therefore provide an important analysis of the existing information and will complement the task of the Innovation Actions
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