Lessons Learned and updated requirements report II


This deliverable provides an overview of the requirements engineering work performed in the second prototype cycle between M16 (December 2017) and M28 (November 2018).The deliverable documents the Lessons Learned and changes in the requirements compared to the previous document in this series, D2.5Lessons Learned and Updated Requirements Report I, including additions to the list of Innovations. A final update of the COMPOSITION requirements engineering work will be provided as part of D1.8 Final Progress Report for the Commission

A total of 25Lessons Learned has been reported in the second cycle. Compared with the list of requirements inD2.5, 22 requirements have been added, and 20requirements have been rejected. Many requirements have been updated without influencing their substance, and similarly, the essence of several requirements is unaffected, while the actual implementation has been adapted as an outcome of Lessons Learned.

Good progress has been made since the issue of D2.5 in November 2017, with no requirements still in status Open, 47 requirements implemented, 71 now Part of Specification and 15 having passed the Quality Check. The latter category will be implemented to the extent possible within the project duration. Use Case priority has not changed, but decisions have been made about their implementation based on the agreed priority. This has meant exclusion of one of the Tier2 Use Cases and many of the Tier3 Use Cases to ensure there is enough time left to implement the remaining Use Cases. Two Business Modelling Use Cases have been added as Subcases to existing inter-factory Use Cases.

The existing Innovations have been reviewed and updated, and two new Innovations have been identified in this development cycle:

  • Blockchain-based Reputation and Trust Model
  • Real Time Multi-Protocol Event Broker
Ecosystem for Collaborative Manufacturing Processes _ Intra- and Interfactory Integration and Automation
Not specified (see website if available) or see associated project
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