Digital Factory Model I


This deliverable presents the first resultsof Task 3.2 Integrated Digital Factory Models. It aims to describe and analyse the current status of COMPOSITION Digital Factory Model (DFM). More precisely, in this report both the implemented DFM schema and the developed current versionof the DFMWeb APIaredescribed. The DFMdesignand the work has done in Task 3.2is driven by COMPOSITION project use cases, requirements and WP3-Manufacturing Modelling and Simulationactivities.Information related to manufacturing systems, available factory processes, factory resources and real time events from the shop floor should be available to many COMPOSITION components. Unfortunately, theprevious mentionedinformation is acquired from various heterogeneous sources in the factory. In order to be understandable from all project’scomponents they should be in a common format.A model can be used to capture and represent information from the factory in a common format available to all related components.The Digital Factory Model will be used as the aforementioned model. DFM will provide the digitalization of industrial aspects as a common model of information elements. The DFM will beused as the common format for information exchange between COMPOSITION components. During the design phase of COMPOSITION DFM, the knowledge gained at SatisFactory EU Project (SatisFactory, 2015) was adopted and extended. As bothprojects are related to manufacturing domain and the representation of manufacturing resources many standards were used at Common Interface Data Exchange Model from Satisfactory were used also at COMPOSITION’s DFM. Besides that, other standards and structures were incorporated at DFM in order to cover this project’s requirements. This document provides a thorough analysis of the Digital Factory Model. Besides purpose, context, and scope the first part of this document is devoted to the, content and structure of this deliverable. The next parts describe both the well-known standards that analysed and some of them used in DFM’s design and the specifications of current version of DFM. Besides the DFM schema and structure, a DFM API is also presented. Itoffers a wide variety of web services related tostoring/retrieving data to/from a common database ina format validate against DFM schema. This report describes the work has done from M3 (Task 3.2 starts) to M15 (date of this deliverable). The final outcome of the Task 3.2 and the final versions of both DFM schema and DFM API will be presented on M26when the Task 3.2 ends. All the updates until M26will be reported at D3.3 Digital Factory Model II.

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