Design of the Security Framework II


The aim of this deliverable is to update and complement what was reported on D4.1 Design of Security framework I due on M12. This deliverable takes as starting point the information contained in the aforementioned deliverable D4.1.This deliverable reports the outcome of the following tasks: T4.1 –Security by design for cloud-based data exchange, T4.3 –Knowledge Protection, IPR Protection and Trust for Collaborative Manufacturing EnvironmentsandT4.4 –Cyber Security for Factories from M12 until M18.

The purpose of these tasks is to define, propose a design and develop a core set of security measures that will be part of the COMPOSITION Security Framework, whose task will be to guarantee security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of managed information for all authorized stakeholders in the supply chain. Some of the components and technologies reported in this deliverable ensure trusted and secure collaboration; and at the same time they guarantee confidentiality and integrity of the information transmitted by addressing end-to-end security across all layers of the system integrating in a seamless manner three major groups of security mechanisms: authentication, access control and transport security. Other components ensure protection against cyber-attacks and provide security monitoring. The architecture is based on well established guidelines and best practices, as well as proven technologies; but also includes innovative and experimental solutions that will guard the COMPOSITION system against unknown threats.

The first prototype of the COMPOSITION Security Framework will be based on the architecture, components and technologies proposed on this deliverable and will be reported in D4.4 Prototype of the Security Framework I due on M20

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