Prototype of the Security Framework II


This document provides an update of the implementation and deployment of the specifications and requirements of the Security Framework. The first version of this document, delivered in M20, reported the initial stages of the deployment process, and this document will update that information witha report of the changes performed due to specific needs of the project and the implementation and deployment of new and pending components of the Security Framework, aimed to address the requirements and the securitization of the different components and processes of the COMPOSITION environment.The previous deliverables where the specification and requirements were stated are:

•D4.1 –Design of the Security Framework I (delivered in M12)

•D4.2 –Design of the Security Framework II (delivered in M18)And theprevious version of this document is:

•D4.4 –Prototype of the Security Framework (delivered in M20)

The final version of the Security Framework prototype guarantees confidentiality and integrity of the information transmitted. This is assured by three groups of security mechanisms:


•Access control: based on a security token included in different requests and the evaluation of security policies.

•Transport security

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