Real-time event broker I


This deliverable presents the current state of the design of the real-time event broker infrastructure of the COMPOSITION system.During the first year of the project, evaluation of alternative implementation mechanisms, choice of protocols and investigation into scalability concerns havebeen performed. The design of the real-time event broker integration with other components has been performed.The broker is a principal componentin realizing both of COMPOSITIONs main goals. The first goal is to integrate data along the value chain inside a factory into one integrated information management system (IIMS) combining physical world, simulation, planning and forecasting data. The goal of the IIMS is to enhance re-configurability, scalability and optimisation of resources and processes inside the factory andoptimise manufacturing and logistics processes. Here the broker crates a secure, loosely coupled and scalable way to distribute data in the system at near real-time speeds. The second goal is to create a (semi-)automatic ecosystem, which extends the local IIMS concept to a holistic and collaborative system incorporating and interlinking both the supply and the value Chains. This should be able to dynamically adapt to changing market requirements. Here, the broker provides the communication between the actors in this marketplace. These two brokers are separate instances of the same component. RabbitMQ is the core of this component. It is a widely used, open, standards-based product previouslyused in FITMAN(EU FP7 2013-2015)2.It provides support for multiple protocols and horizontalscalability. COMPOSTION significantly contributes to this open and scalable design. Through adapters developed in COMPOSITION, we extend RabbitMQ withan integrated security framework and using blockchain-based log functionalityon multiple levels. A first version of the real-time event broker has been deployed as a set of Docker images at the COMPOSITION intra-factory test server.

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