Survery of successful elements with recommendations for COMPOSITION use cases II


The D7.2 “Survey of successful elements with recommendations for COMPOSITION use cases II”is an update to the Month 12 release of the D7.1 deliverable, “Survey of successful elements with recommendations for COMPOSITION use cases I”.

It is a public document delivered in the context of WP7, Task 7.1: Survey of Successful Elements in External, Related Initiatives. The aim of Task 7.1 is to identify and undertakean assessment of existing results coming from related projects in order to be reused in COMPOSITON,to be part of the final solution provided by COMPOSITION project.

The present release of the D7.2document (the secondof three),is focused on continuing the work describedin D7.1, identifying and assessingresults coming from other FoF-11 projects and initiatives identified in the context of Industrial Internet and Digital Automation, mainly FIWARE4Industry and International Data Spaces (previously called Industrial Data Spaces – IDS).

Thus, the International Data Spaces and the FIWARE4Industry initiatives are presented, together with a list of their main features, which can be useful for COMPOSITION. An interesting co-operation action among the two initiatives in order to implement the Industrial Data Space Reference Architecture using FIWARE is also described.The document also identifies other reference architectures for Industrial Internet such as IIRA and IVRA, and their alignment with RAMI4.0. The deliverable also covers the actions carried out during this second period (September 2017–August 2018) to co-operate and exploit synergies between FoF-11 projects with the objective of building a common platform for digital automation and share information among projects.

Therefore, the different cooperation workshops held to date, and information regarding the delivered reports and documents by the FoF-11 CSA Connected Factories are presented. Since it is an update of the previous deliverable, in some sections, several paragraphsof the first deliverable have been maintained to facilitate reading.