Pilot plans on the Shopfloors and preparation actions II


Deliverable “D8.2Pilot plans on the Shopfloor and preparation actions II”, presents the final version of preparation actions that have beenperformed until M30of the COMPOSITION project.Thedevelopments of COMPOSITION aredemonstrated and validated to fourpilotpartners. The first pilot, from the biomedical domain (Boston Scientific Ltd -BSL), focuses on the integrated information management system in a multisided manufacturing process(intra-factory). The second pilot from the lift manufacturing industry (KLEEMANN-KLE) concentrates on intra-factory procedures and on interaction between different companies using the COMPOSITION ecosystem with the agent-based marketplace for collaboration(inter-factory).The third pilot from the recycling industry (ELDIA) focuses on the reduction of the amount of waste that is disposed at the Sanitary Landfill(inter-factory). The fourth pilot from the industrial manufacturing software domain (ATLANTIS -ATL),focuses on the supply chain/Inter-factory cases and will deploy COMPOSITION for software upgrade and deployment.This deliverableprovides a methodology for planning and preparing the pilots’ sites for the use case implementation.The methodology is comprised of four stages: 1.Factory Acceptance Testing, 2. Site Acceptance Testing, 3.Deployment and Commissioning and 4. Operation and Maintenance. COMPOSITION components, their usage and implementation per use case are described in detail.Preparation actions are categorised into value chain and supply chain use cases. After various partner meetings and workshops, some of the use cases were decided to be combined and some to be excluded.Finally, a concluding overall framework for pilot plans on the shopfloorand preparation actionsis presented.This framework is common for all pilots and combines the developed components with each use case. Deliverable “D8.2Pilot plans on the Shopfloor and preparation actions II”documents the actions that havebeentaken topreparethe shopfloorforthe deployment of COMPOSITION tools. It is the second version of D8.1, which updates and documents the results of the preparation actions.

Ecosystem for Collaborative Manufacturing Processes _ Intra- and Interfactory Integration and Automation
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