Supply chain pilot II


he present document is a deliverable of the COMPOSITION project, whichis funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, reporting the final results of the activities carried out inTask 8.3 Inter-factory Supply Chain Centric Pilotof WP8. The supply chain centric pilot is one of the key aspects of COMPOSITION ecosystem.It is based on the initial system installation and preparation actions and the actual testing of the IIMS at KLEEMANN’s(KLE)and ELDIA’s shop floors.Two additional use-cases are presented in this report, including partners ATLANTIS(ATL) from the industrial manufacturing software domainand NEXTWORKS(NXW)from the IT and Telecommunications sector.The key component of the supply chainis the COMPOSITION marketplace,where pilot partners canoffer or request specific goods and services. This deliverable providesa description of the developments of the supply chain use cases, whichpromise to addvaluefrom a technology, impact and exploitability point of view. The current status and outcomes of “UC –KLE 4Scrap Metal Collection and Bidding Process” and “UC –ELDIA 1 Fill Level Notification –Contractual Recyclable Material Management”, are updated. UC-KLE-4 and UC-ELDIA-1 demonstrate that the sensors aresuccessfully working as expected inthe pilots’ operational environments. The other two use cases “UC-KLE-7 Ordering Raw Materials”and “UC-ATL/NXW Searching for Software Solutions”, are similar to UC-KLE-4 since common tools and processes are deployed (simulated bidding process for UC-KLE-7 and matchmaking for UC-ATL/NXW). A set of supply chain key performance indicators is provided based on the supply‚Äźchain operations reference model (SCOR).On-site technology(including sensors and gateways)is well accepted from both key supply chain pilots KLEEMANN and ELDIA.Furthermore,theHMI evaluation for the supply chain use cases is presented. Finally, supply chain risks that may occur during the implementation of the inter-factory use cases are identified from both pilot and technical partners and methods to manage and mitigate them are presented.The deliverable concludes by presenting the steps beyond COMPOSITION project, showing how the results of supply chain centric pilot could be exploited to support decision-making.This deliverablesummarises the outcomes of the inter-factory supply chain pilot. It demonstrates how the pilot preparation material of T8.1 is used and how common technological developments are used for the demonstration of the pilot testing. Overall, both the "real world" and the simulated results and processes that have been produced and demonstrated through the inter-factory use cases, show that the COMPOSITION platform for supply chain management, could be effectively deployed beyond the projectby focusing on real –time monitoring, developing and analysing KPIs and supply chain risks and testing the IIMS in several marketplaces.Deliverable “D8.4 Supply chain pilot II”documents the final actions that are implemented and the related risks for the supply chain use cases. D8.4is part of Milestone (MS) 14“Final iteration of platform deployed and evaluated” and Task 8.3 “Inter-factory Supply Chain Centric Pilot”. The document updates“D8.3 Supply chain pilot I”.

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