Value chain pilot II


This document is one of the deliverables of the COMPOSITION project, reporting the activity developed under the scope of WP8, namely in Task 8.2 “Intrafactory Value Chain Centric Pilot”.This reportdescribes how the COMPOSITION operating system can be implemented in a value chain centric pilot, showing modularity, scalability and re-configurability of the platform across multiple application domains. These characteristics will be demonstrated in this deliverable with the use of the same adaptable solutions in two unlike manufacturing industries: medical devices and lifts.This document presents the use cases developedat Boston Scientific Ltdand KLEEMANNand shows they are successfully implemented. Five intra factoryuse cases where implemented;three at Boston Scientific and two at KLEEMANN

  • UC-BSL-2 Predictive Maintenance
  • UC-BSL-3 Asset Tracking
  • UC-BSL-5 Equipment Monitoring and Line Visualisation
  • UC-KLE-1 Maintenance Decision Support
  • UC-KLE-3 Scrap Metal and Recyclable Waste Transportation

Data is being collected and transmitted real time to the cloud-based COMPOSITION BMS and being used as learning tool for the artificial neural networks that will predict the failure probabilities of a specific equipment.Several KPI’s were identified and they aredisplayed using an HMI specifically designed for the COMPOSITION project. A first evaluation of that interface already took place and its discoveries used to generate the HMI’s next iteration.In Boston Scientific, UC-BSL-2 Predictive Maintenance gave promising results, meeting or exceeding the targets on the relevant KPIs. UC-BSL-3 Asset Tracking showed great improvements in terms of cost savings and reduction in lost timelooking for equipment. Although UC-BSL-5 Equipment Monitoring and Line Visualisationwas not running long enough to showsignificant results for some of the KPIs, with full line visualisation, there will be an overall reduction in down-time.At KLEEMANN,UC-KLE-1 Maintenance Decision Support met most of its targets, with cost savings for process monitoring and a reduction in down-time. For UC-KLE-3 Scrap Metal and Recyclable Waste Transportation, the forklift’s fuel consumption and cost were reduced by 4%, with further improvement expected if the system is expanded in the future.Eventual risk probabilities from this pilot can be easily managed and prevented and both use cases and technology are well accepted and already showing how they will beneficiallyimpact the industry, making the pilot partners already envision future follow ups for this project that can take advantage of the COMPOSITION platform, such as large-scaledeployment with smaller equipment footprints or even energy harvesting solutions.The first iteration of this deliverable, D8.5 Value Chain Pilot I marked the successful completion of MS13 with a first iteration of the COMPOSITION platform being effectively deployed and evaluated. With the completion of this document it will mark the successful completion of MS14.

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