Cloud-based Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation

The result of this Fortissimo experiment is an evaluation by Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg of the use of Cloud-based-HPC simulations using ICON’s software in the design of its sports cars. The use of ICON’s simulation software on a Cloud-based-HPC system enables Koenigsegg to reduce or even avoid wind tunnel testing in some circumstances. Accessing powerful computing resources remotely also reduces hardware expenses and maintenance costs. Tests have shown that the use of HPC-based simulation supported by external expertise led to a return on investment in less than three months of production of a new car configuration. Significant costs can be saved and transferred to other critical parts of the development and production process. The benefits obtainable by the use of the Fortissimo HPC-Cloud have been quantified as a 5% saving in operational costs, a 30% saving in design costs, a reduction of 50% in wind tunnel and physical testing, a 60% saving in prototyping costs, and a 30% shortening of the time to market. Furthermore, savings in development were about €90K per year on the design process, corresponding to a 1.5% reduction in overall development costs.
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