Report on DURIT demo activities (M42)

In DURIT there is not a production line but production “cells”, since the production strategy is for custom order, and a large quantity of different production orders can be performed daily at each one of these machines, making this demo task extremely valuable for the project, as it enables validating the technology in a production cell as op-posed to the previous demo tasks that focused on production lines. This demo task will be divided in two main sub-tasks, each one focusing on testing different stages of the produc-tion chain: • Pre-sintered operations: green machining • Post-sintering operations: grinding and turning in Danobat-Overbeck IRD; Hauser S35 and Mori-Seiki CNC Lathes In these two stages of the production chain, the tests will focus on the production of: (1) sealing rings; (2) cut-ting/drawing dies and (3) mandrels; as these products require very narrow dimensional tolerances and very high surface quality. We are aiming to obtain tolerances down to +/ -1 micron and automatic validation, as actually, in all the manufacturing equipment, the quality control is monitored manually essentially by operator measurement, with no sensor technology.
Zero-defect manufacturing strategies towards on-line production management for European factories
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