First Draft Of Harmonised PPI Structure, Definition And Classification

In this document the indicators that were reviewed in deliverable 3.1 were classified into a common structure through the use of additional information that aimed at describing their use and application in manufacturing systems. The PPIs were afterwards placed in a chart depending on the previously mentioned information in order to determine the areas and hierarchy levels that they refer to and helped draw conclusions about their practice in modern manufacturing systems including the formation of clusters, overlapping of information and other. The structured description of the indicators can be found in the appendix of this document and the explanations of the parameters based on which they were described can be found inside the document. Beyond the analysis of the reviewed metrics, attention was given to their application and structuring inside a system and for that, a literature review was conducted on manufacturing system analysis methods from the point of view of indicators and metrics. A method for the identification of PPIs in manufacturing was finally proposed which combines characteristics of the reviewed ones. The proposed method was applied to the use cases of KAP and two new PPIs applicable to them were developed. Finally the indicators suitable for application in a wide range of manufacturing systems were pinpointed for further pursue of their standardisation.
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Knowledge, Awareness and Prediction of Man, Machine, Material and Method in Manufacturing
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