Visualisation State of the Art & Cognitive Task Analysis

This deliverable reports the output from the first two tasks of the Visualisation work package. Task 4.1 is a state of the art report on Information Visualisation (Sections 1-5). Fundamental principles of information visualisation are followed by an overview of common representation and interaction techniques. Specific visualisation challenges in relation to the project themes of Knowledge, Awareness and Prediction are discussed. A range of software products and visualisation frameworks are reviewed and evaluated. Task 4.2 is a Cognitive Task Analysis of the four use-cases proposed by demonstration partners (Sections 6-8). Following an outline of the methodology, each use case is described in terms of user‘s goals, tasks and strategies and a series of requirements. Preliminary visualisation designs are proposed. The report concludes with the findings of the CTA, implications for design and recommendations for the visualisation framework architecture.
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Knowledge, Awareness and Prediction of Man, Machine, Material and Method in Manufacturing
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