Optimal configuration strategies in production networks

Optimal configuration strategies in production networks
This tool supports decision makers in the identification of optimal (re-)configuration strategies of a production network under uncertainty. It is a management controlling tool for the continuous monitoring of critical factors and control of the migration planning. The tool implements an stochastic, dynamic optimization model for flexible migration planning in production networks. The inputs to this tool are analytically modelled network objects (production sites, technologies, material- and component supplier, transport strategies), stochastic models of external and internal uncertainty (influencing factors) and quantified migration processes of network configuration. The outputs this tool generates are: • Identification of robust migration paths for continuous adaptation of the network configuration • Identification of point in time and demand of adaptation • Monetary assessment of the efficiency and the effectiveness of migration processes Identifying robust migration strategies enables a continuous adaption of the production network to the external and internal uncertainty of the business environment. Furthermore, by assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of migration processes an optimal (re-)configuration strategy can be derived and the total landed cost of migrating and operating the production network can be minimized
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Optimal configuration strategies in production networks
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