Manufacturing demonstrator in South Europe

Manufacturing demo focused on validating and showing the mini-factory potential in delivering personalised spectacles in a first proximity cluster located in South Europe. In these activities, Optician 2020 partners have validated the mini-factory potential for producing personalised spectacles, as well as the personalisation flexibility through the manufacturing and delivery of 240 personalised spectacles for real users of the optic shop in Portugal. Besides, it has been demonstrated the consumer’s and optician’s acceptance of this new business models by means of extensive surveys to consumer’s and opticians involved in the demonstration. Feedback collected from real users corroborate that Optician 2020 has created a more appealing shopping experience, where the final product perfect fits the consumer face, achieving high levels of satisfaction, quality perception and comfort perception and solving main problems when buying convectional spectacles such as frame adjusting, annoying nose pads or pressure on ears . “Optician 2020 spectacles better suits me” and “Optician 2020 lens provide a better comfort” are common statements heard from customers during demonstration.
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Address: Cluster centered around the Optician shop at Setúb
Flexible and on-demand manufacturing of customised spectacles by close-to-optician production clusters
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